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The home has 18 single bedrooms, and 6 double bedrooms. The home has 9 rooms withen-suite facilities, as well as number of bathrooms/shower rooms. We also have number of toilets spread throughout the home. We are in process of developing Premium Rooms for Private Residents with additional facilities to meet their additional demands. The home is always striving to keep its facilities to the highest standard possible, so we are always looking to improve the quality & appearance of our building. We have a handy man on site for any day-to-day maintenance which may need doing.

Our bedrooms are individually furnished and decorated according to any needs or preferences our residents have. All rooms are fitted with specialist equipment to make sure our residents can contact the care team at any time. With a choice of upstairs or downstairs, en-suite, single or double room, our residents have a wide range of rooms to choose from. All our bedrooms have top of the range profiling beds. We also have deluxe styled bedrooms. With a more spacious room design, high speed Wi-Fi and a few other home comforts, our deluxe bedrooms are perfect for any resident who wishes to make their stay with us a little more comfortable. Please ask us if you would like any more information about any of our rooms.

We have 2 large lounges, with a dining room and quiet areas as well.

We have a small sitting area outside, perfect for anyone who wishes to get a bit of fresh air.

We have outside services who come to our home; these include opticians, dentists, chiropodist & hairdressers.