Specialised Care

We understand that everyone is different; so we make sure any resident staying with us receives a personal style of care & support to suit their individual needs.

Residential Care/Respite

Whether it’s for a short break or a long term stay. Our residential care is a great option for those who need a bit of help with day to day tasks but still wish to retain their independence. We provide you with nutritious, wholesome meals and make sure you can live comfortably and stress free. You can also feel confident knowing that if any emergencies do arise, our care team are around 24/7 to cater to any needs you may have.


End of Life Care (Palliative Care)

Our care team is specially trained to ensure that they can cater to any complex needs of our residents may have including all aspects of End of life care. Our main goal is to make sure that all our residents are comfortable, happy and at ease whilst staying with us.


Dementia Care

Our care team has been trained to be able to understand the best way to support anyone who suffers from dementia, no matter how mild or severe. We have specialist furniture available for those who need it to make sure they are always safe and find it easy to use. We are making changes to our facilities to provide visual aids for our residents with Dementia to help stimulate their minds or simply help them to feel at ease.


It is very important that if you choose to stay with us you and your relatives feel comfortable with our services. This is why we urge you to come and visit the home and meet us first, so you can decide whether or not our home would be the right place for you. If you wish to arrange a visit, please contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange it.